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About Me

Basic info: 
Chinese born in1999.9.2  (23)     Single Child     Fully Asian

I was born and raised in China, Shanghai until 14 years old. 


My middle school in China was really tough. That was the main reason why I moved to Japan. 


I moved to Japan alone when I was 14. Spent 1 year in Chiba, Japan. I came with another 50 Chinese students who wanted to study abroad in Japan for high school. We stayed in a high school next to the beach to learn about Japanese culture. 


When I was 16, I started my high school life in Niigata, Japan. It was an international athletic high school taught in mostly both Japanese and English. Our home teacher is American and that was the start of my learning how to speak English. Niigata is a prefecture full of nature and our school is located at the top of a mountain. I had PE lessons for hiking, swimming, baseball, skiing, and snowboarding. 


Due to my high ambition and city dream. I wanted to enter a better school located in Tokyo. I did much research by myself and borrowed my friend’s phone to call over 150 private high schools in Tokyo. At that time, I could not speak any Japanese. I used my broken Japanese and English to tell them that I want a transfer. There was only 1 girls’ high school out of 150 that offered me a chance. 


To be continued...

My opinion on art is, art brings people with different backgrounds together to create something new. I learned to be open to everything, and everyone around me. Any creators need to be respected. No matter, fashion, film, music, or design. I am open and excited to get to know something different from what I already knew. 

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